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Also, here’s a short behind the scenes video.

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The new Broadway-aimed musical Angels is set to release a studio cast recording, featuring two-time Tony nominee Laura Osnes (Bandstand, Cinderella), Tony nominee Robert Cuccioli (Jekyll & Hyde), Tony nominee Josh Young (Amazing Grace, Jesus Christ Superstar), and Alan H. Green (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, School of Rock).

The album will be released both on CD and as a digital download October 25.
Josh Young Josh Young Monica Simoes

Angels tells the story of “the ancient war between the Angels and Lucifer’s fallen minions,” according to press notes. Osnes stars as Sera, the Angel of Light. “Though she is gifted with the power to control light, she aspires to a more heroic role. Lucifer (Cuccioli) opposes Sera, causing chaos for the Angels and the humans they protect. Sera must find the courage to rise in victory over Lucifer and fulfill her purpose.”

Live performances of Angels are planned at venues worldwide, though specific performance dates and venues remain forthcoming.

Osnes, Cuccioli, Young, and Green are joined by Alexandra Zorn as Rebekah/Vixen, Stephen Cerf as Michael/Dasher/Joab, Kevin T. Collins as Stratus/Dasher/Titus/Reuben, Elizabeth Ann Berg as Bethany, Stefanie Clouse as Sofiel, and a vocal ensemble featuring Jane Leslie Anderson, Hugh Wilson, Nicky Kurta, Tim Moxey, Gabrielle Lee, Mark Friedlander, Hannah J. Peterson, James Tehero, Daniel Thornton, and Mikaela Thornton.

The musical features music by Ken Lai, with book and lyrics by Lai and Marcus Cheong. The band, including Mitch Farmer on drums, Ben Whincop and Jeff Camilleri on bass, and Charmaine Ford on keys, is led by co-music directors David Holmes and Tauesa Tofa, with Jane Lesley Anderson serving as assistant music director. New musical arrangements are from David Holmes and album producer Rich Fowler, while Daniel Thornton provides orchestrations. Vocal arrangements are by Linda Wood. Breanna Hickson was assistant director for the recording.

Angels is produced by Marcus Cheong and Mark Kang. The album was recorded at Downtown Music Studios and Smash Studios in New York; The Grove Studios in Somersby, Australia; and Ramrod Studios and 301 Studios in Sydney, Australia.

For more information, visit seraangels.com.

Angels Studio Cast Album Cover Angels Studio Cast Album Cover Sera Angels LLC

Take a look at the track listing below:

1. “Let There Be Light” – Gabriel, Angels
2. “I Believe in Angels” – Sera, Rebekah
3. “To Make a Difference” – Sera
4 “To Make a Difference – Hark” – Gabriel, Sera, Angels

5. “Hell” – Dasher, Vixen, Moore
6. “Hell (Reprise)” – Lucifer, Dasher, Vixen, Moore
7. “Why” – Gabriel, Stratus, Tyriel, Sophiel, Sera
8. “Hold On” – Bethany, Rebekah
9. “If Only” – Sera
10. “War” – Lucifer, Gabriel, Fallen, Angels
11. “One True Friend” – Sera, Tyriel
12. “Rise Up” – Lucifer, Joab, Titus, Rebekah, Bethany, Fallen
13. “I’m Not Bad” – Lucifer, Dasher, Vixen, Moore
14. “Peace” – Sera, Rebekah, Joab, Reuben, Fallen
15. “Where You Can Dream” – Sera

16. “Why (Reprise)” – Michael
17. “Every Cloud” – Sofiel, Sera, Stratus
18. “Perfect Disguise” – Stratus
19. “Let’s Deal” – Lucifer, Tyriel
20. “The Giving” – Fallen
21. “Fallen Angel” – Lucifer, Fallen
22. “Without You Here” – Tyriel
23. “To Make a Difference – Hark (Reprise)” – Angels
24. “Star of the Show” – Lucifer, Fallen
25. “Remember Me” – Sera, Lucifer, Fallen
26. “I Believe in Angels (Reprise)” – Rebekah, Bethany, Angels
27. “One True Friend (Reprise)” – Tyriel, Sera, Gabriel, Angels