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The living room floor slopes in Laura Osnes’s fifth-floor walk-up on the Upper West Side, baffling Lyla, the resident Chihuahua, making guests question their alcohol intake and necessitating the removal of the rolling desk chair.

The kitchen is of a size that invites unfavorable comparisons to a postage stamp, and the dishwasher is 35 years old (that would be Ms. Osnes’s husband, Nathan Johnson). But there is a deck, high ceilings and exposed brick — and thanks to the five-flight climb, absolutely no need to join a gym. It’s all very “Barefoot in the Park,” an association that delights the apartment’s occupants, who, while approaching their 10th anniversary, seem as much like newlyweds as the characters in that Neil Simon play.

“We’re very happy here,” said Ms. Osnes, 31, a two-time Tony Award nominee (for the musicals “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella”) and a star of the Broadway musical “Bandstand,” which opened April 26.

When Ms. Osnes triumphed in a reality show talent competition and won the lead in the 2007 Broadway revival of the musical “Grease,” the prize didn’t include help in smoothing the way from her home in Eagan, Minn., to the mean streets of Manhattan. “It was like, ‘See you in New York for your first rehearsal,’” recalled Ms. Osnes, who was knee-deep in wedding plans at the time.

She and Mr. Johnson, an actor turned photographer, came east to scout the territory and found a one-bedroom on the 31st floor of the Orion, a shiny new high-rise condominium near Times Square. The unit’s owner was offering a year’s lease, and the newlyweds grabbed it, lured by the view, the unsullied surfaces and the location.

“It was super close to the theater I’d be working at,” Ms. Osnes said. “There were laundry facilities a floor away, and a doorman. And they served continental breakfast. Moving here with a job and a brand-new husband and a great apartment set us off on the right foot.”

But after a year, the couple wanted to see some trees and save some money, and it so happened that a cast mate from “Grease” was vacating her one-bedroom rental and looking for someone to take over the lease. Ms. Osnes and Mr. Johnson were willing and eager.

“We were ready for a change. We were ready for the New York experience,” said Ms. Osnes, who wasn’t sure initially just how much of that New York experience she really wanted. “When we lived in the high-rise and I went to visit friends in walk-ups, I thought to myself, ‘I will never do this. Why would anyone live like this?’ And then, a year later, I found myself living in a five-flight walk-up. It’s funny how your attitudes change the longer you live here.”

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A Fine Showmance: Laura Osnes and Nathan Johnson Talk About the On-Stage Kiss That Changed Everything and Broadway Double-Dates

As the star of Broadway productions like Bonnie & Clyde, South Pacific, Anything Goes and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Laura Osnes has been romanced by some of Broadway’s most swoon-worthy leading men: Jeremy Jordan, Paolo Szot, Colin Donnell, Santino Fontana… But her heart was captured long ago—before she won the reality show competition “Grease: You’re the One That I Want,” before she was nominated for a Tony Award and before she became Broadway’s sweetheart.

Back in 2005, when Osnes was understudying the role of Jasmine in the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Company production of Disney’s Aladdin, she fell for Aladdin’s understudy Nathan Johnson. In a rare twist of theatrical events, the two ended up going on together after the actors playing Aladdin and Jasmine collided on stage and had to go to the hospital. It turned out to be a very happy accident for Johnson and Osnes, who shared their first of many kisses onstage that night.

A year-and-a-half later they were married and moved to New York, where Osnes made her Broadway debut in the 2007 revival of Grease opposite her fellow “YTOTIW” winner Max Crumm. Osnes’ real-life leading man moved off the stage and into the photography studio. He now shoots production stills and promotional photos for Broadway shows (including the scintillating shots for Bonnie & Clyde) as well as album covers and campaigns like Broadway for Ted Baker. Before setting off to celebrate Christmas with their families, the couple sat down with Playbill.com to talk about their holiday traditions, that fateful first kiss and how Johnson fends off Osnes’ onstage leading men.

You shared your first kiss onstage, as Aladdin and Jasmine. Was this kiss different than any other on-stage kiss you’d had before?
Laura Osnes: Our sides of the story are different on this one. I’m very professional, so a kiss onstage is a kiss onstage, whether you like the guy or not. That’s how I felt.
Nathan Johnson: It was different for me. It was so funny because I was totally mixing business with pleasure at that point. I really liked this girl, and she was coming down in a wedding gown, and she looked so pretty. I was like, “I’m using this, I’m really digging deep for my character right now.” All the guys in the dressing room were like, “Dude!! That’s amazing! You got to kiss Laura!” They knew, they were heckling me all day. When we actually started dating, I said to Laura, “How about that kiss? That was something right?” And she was like, “What?” and then goes, “Oh, that was business.” I was like, “Yeah, me too Laura, it was totally business.”
LO: (Laughing.) That’s what I said. I’m a professional and I have to do this onstage a lot. I know how to separate myself from it.

When did you have your first off-stage kiss?
LO: Our first on-stage kiss was around Christmastime, and I think our first off-stage kiss was December 23rd. My mom was having a big Christmas caroling party with all of our theatre friends and Nate came over. We were all around the piano singing carols, and that was the night that he kissed me off-stage—at my mom’s house. We were such good friends, and it just molded into more after that kiss.

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